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translation for certification

Translation for Certification

In the United Kingdom there is no universally accepted form of certification for translations to be used for official purposes.  Depending on the intended use we are able to offer the following forms of certification:

  • A translator’s certificate bearing the seal of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) – this is recognised by many UK authorities.
  • A translator’s certificate in the format required by the Greek Consular Authorities bearing the signature of a translator recognised by the Greek Consular Office in London. This is a requirement for certain translations to be used for official purposes in Greece (e.g. birth certificates, death certificates, certificates of no impediment).
  • An affidavit concerning the accuracy and completeness of the translation sworn by the translator before a Commissioner for Oaths.  This may be required if the translation is to be used in court proceedings.
  • A notarised translator’s certificate.  Similar in many respects to an affidavit but countersigned by a Notary Public. This is sometimes a requirement for authorities in mainland Europe.

Please note:

The requirements of various authorities and organisations change continuously and we regret we are not in a position to advise as to the form of certification required for any specific purpose. Clients are strongly recommended to establish current requirements as to the form of certification needed with the authority concerned.