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Our Approach

Translating only from English into Greek and Greek into English, our strength lies in working with a single language pair and even then restricting ourselves to a limited number of specialist subject areas in which we have developed expertise.

All translations are carried out in-house by a translator whose native language is the target language but are also checked by a translator whose native language is the source language.

The entire process of translation, revision and checking is carried out in-house thereby offering faster turn-around times and greater security when handling confidential material.

In addition to the usual resources, we are also able to draw on our unique general and specialist computerised glossaries which we have compiled over many years.

As a small family company we offer a high level of personal service tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

Material for publication, in particular promotional material, may require that extra bit of attention.  In the case of advertising copy the process may go beyond simple translation, being best described as ‘trans-creation’.  In such cases, we can offer additional services such as adaptation of advertising copy or ‘honing’ and editing of text to provide that little extra polish.

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Specialist Subject Areas

As well as translation of a general nature we have particular expertise in a number of specialist subject areas including:

  • Agrochemicals – Documentation and labelling for pesticides and herbicides
  • Civil Engineering – Project Specifications and tender documents
  • Commercial – Tender documents, insurance, general correspondence, corporate brochures, advertising and public relations, licensing and distribution agreements.
  • Legal – Legislation, case reports, submissions, trial documents including commercial, intellectual property, family and criminal law, police reports, witness statements, commercial contracts.
  • Medical – General and forensic medical reports, clinical papers.
  • Mechanical Engineering – Installation, maintenance and operation manuals for industrial machinery, service and user manuals for power tools, vehicles, air-conditioning, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical (human & animal) – Including product licence applications, packaging, pack inserts, clinical trials documentation, manufacturing documentation.
  • Shipping – Marine accident reports, deck logs, engine room logs.
  • Telecommunications & Computing – Specifications, computer hardware, manuals, tender documents.